Beverly Osu reveals what it takes to be called a pr*stitute in Nigeria

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Actress Beverly Osu has said that what someone needs to do in order to be called a pr*stitute in Nigeria is to simply exist as a woman.

The actress who recently accused every girl of being bi disclosed this after sharing new photos of herself on Instagram.

She wrote: “Steps on how to be called an “ashawo” in Nigeria. Be a woman. Exist.”

She added: “To my non-Nigerian followers, ashawo means a slut.”

Beverly Osu recently revealed that she doesn’t have plans to get married any time soon.

The video vixen said, “I am not thinking about marriage at the moment. I just want to be great.”

The Big Brother Africa star girl also recounted how she once got physical with a fan who got on her nerves in Ghana. 

“There was a day I got very angry in a club in Ghana. A fan had walked up to me and asked for a stick of cigarette because back then, I used to smoke. I told the person I couldn’t spare one because that was the last stick I had. She then said ‘That’s why nobody likes you’. It was bad because that statement got to me. She messed with me at the wrong time because I dragged her by the hair,” she told Punch.

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